To Love a Man
Title : To Love a Man
Author : Carolyn Faulkner

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Two men, one woman - ended in heartbreak and disaster ten years ago. Is history about to repeat itself?Nearly a decade ago, Ellie Blanchard’s loyalty to her friend, Carter, had been misunderstood by her lover, his brother, Cal Jennings. When Carter dies unexpectedly, Cal blames Ellie and breaks off the relationship, ruining her status in town and costing her the job that she loved. Refusing to turn tail and leave the area, Ellie endures the censure and stays put.Now, Ellie’s friend Ashley has convinced her to attend the annual Summer BBQ and Charity Auction, which is held on the Jennings’ ranch. All the richest men and eligible bachelors will be there and Cal is not expected to attend. Unfortunately for Ellie, he does attend and causes a scene as he literally throws her out – in front of the entire town. As she limps down the long driveway to her car, carrying her broken heels and nursing a sprained ankle, Ellie bitterly realizes that not one person was willing to risk Cal’s wrath by coming to her assistance and Ashley is nowhere to be seen. After several long minutes, Cal sends one of the security team after her, whether to make sure that she is all right or that she actually does leave, is unclear. Cruz Montoya is a fine specimen of a man and he sweeps Ellie off her feet – as he carries her to her car and drives her home where he administers first aid. They feel a mutual attraction and Ellie agrees to a date before he leaves to return to work. But late that night Cal comes by and demands that Ellie let him in. He says that he doesn’t want anything to do with her, but he can’t seem to stay away. Ellie has finally found a man who interests her and is ready to date again - will Cal ruin it for her?