The Hieroglyphic Monad
Title : The Hieroglyphic Monad
ISBN : 1523632623
Author : John Dee

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The Monas Hieroglyphica (or Hieroglyphic Monad) is an esoteric symbol invented and designed by John Dee, the Elizabethan Magician and Court Astrologer of Elizabeth I of England. In 1564, at the age of 37, Dee wrote the Monas Hieroglyphica as an interpretation, (or commentary on), the symbol, which is meant to express the unity of all creation. According to “legend,” Dee wrote the manuscript in twelve days while in a mystical state: “I am the pen, merely, of God,” Dee said, “whose Spirit, quickly writing these things through me, I wish and I hope to be.” He claimed it would revolutionize astronomy, alchemy, mathematics, linguistics, mechanics, music, optics, magic and adeptship. He traveled to Hungary to present a copy of it to Maximilian II, the Holy Roman Emperor. This edition includes the remnants of Dee’s diary, written primarily on the backs of old Almanacs and edited, with footnotes, by James Orchard-Halliwell, and also the catalog made of the manuscripts that were in his possession. The diary has been formatted for easy readability, and contains subject matter ranging from the daily minutia of paying servants, to Dee's self-treatments for his kidney stones, to luncheons with famous historical figures...and there is even a mention of a "strange spiritual creature roaming about the house..."