The Complete English Tradesman (Annotated)
Title : The Complete English Tradesman (Annotated)
ISBN : 1523607882
Author : Daniel Defoe

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Daniel Defoe's "The Complete English Tradesman", is a good example of his non-fiction writing. The content in the writing is thorough and well presented by Defoe. In the writing, Defoe explains his opinions on what it means to be an English tradesman. Contrary to some experienced tradesmen, he believes that to be a good tradesman, one needs to acquaint himself with all business in general. According to Defoe, application is of more importance than diligence in business. "Without application nothing in this world goes forward as it should.." Tradesmen of Defoe's day said that there needs to be an aggressive passion in how one handles business, and anger and temper sometimes are necessary. Defoe also challenges this.