Safety Zone (Soul Photography) (Volume 2)
Title : Safety Zone (Soul Photography) (Volume 2)
ISBN : 1522802665
Author : Tomer Peled

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Each one of us has a safety zone. It is protected, pleasant and familiar and it looks different for every person. What leads us to leave our safety zone and to change the pattern of our behavior? During the 2011 protests, masses of people took to the streets and erected protest tents in the desire to bring about the lowering of housing prices. Methods of protest varied from person to person. For some of the protesters, this safety zone took on a carnival atmosphere of street performances and social events, while for some it represented a struggle for survival for which they were willing to endanger themselves, and for which they were even willing to sacrifice their lives. The social justice protests provided an interesting perspective from which to learn about life under different circumstances. What motivates us to behave as we do when our safety zone is threatened? How and when will each of us react when our formerly safe zone is no longer safe? Are we only willing to emerge from our space when we have a positive desire to expand its borders, or do we only act under the negative motivation of an existential threat?