Evangelistic Songs
Title : Evangelistic Songs
ISBN : 1518896316
Author : Various Artists,H. A. Ironside,Herbert G. Tovey

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A collection of hymns compiled by H. A. Ironside and Herbert G. Tovey. Harry Ironside is best known for his scores of works on various theological issues and Church history. his books include The 400 Silent Years: Between Malachi and Matthew, Baptism: What Saith the Scriptures, The Mormon Mistake, Except Ye Repent, Eternal Security of the Believer and many many more. While he less well known for his hymns and poems, he nonetheless remains a powerful and moving writer in this regard also. Many of his own hymns are included here, but he known to have written at least 25 poems and hymns all together. The rest were chosen carefully by him and a couple were altered slightly. Herbert G. Hovey wrote at least 57 hymns in his lifetime. He is credited as the musical director for this work. He was involved in many hymnals in his lifetime such as Choruses for Christian youth: A Chorus Book with the Dignity of a Hymnal, as well as instructional books on singing and teaching such as Simple Psychological Teaching Principles. This all adds up to a theologically sound hymn book to be used in the service of lost souls for their salvation unto God.