The Price of Being a Princess
Title : The Price of Being a Princess
ISBN : 1518757219
Author : Ms Regina M Bumbrey,Mr. Julius E Bumbrey

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Born in Wilmington, DE, 16-year-old Lanai Wilson has the best of everything life has to offer. With an absentee father who spoils her financially, there’s a void that still remains, which money can’t fill. That is until Makai, an experienced street hustler, provided her with all the love and attention she could ever ask for. Through love, betrayal, drugs, and money, she eventually loses her identity. Lanai had to grow up fast and become a woman the hard way. Dealing with Makai’s unfaithfulness, she becomes desperate to keep his attention. She soon discovers even his love comes at a price. Will The Price of Being a Princess keep her on the dark path or lead her to the road of redemption?