The Truth About Lies (The Whole Truth Series) (Volume 2)
Title : [EPUB] The Truth About Lies (The Whole Truth Series) (Volume 2)
ISBN : 151875502X
Author : TL Fisher

[EPUB] The Truth About Lies (The Whole Truth Series) (Volume 2)

The average person tells four lies a day, or fourteen hundred and twenty-four lies a year. By the time most of us die, we will have told over one hundred thousand lies. Why? Because lies are easy …truth is hard. When we look back on failed romance, our memories are never chronological …from start to finish. Instead, we ricochet around like a steel bearing in a pinball machine. We randomly bounce from one great memory to the next, and occasionally slam into a memory of pain. Brianna Hart fell in love with Sean Gentry when she was seventeen years old. She has spent the last ten years chasing the tail of her future that never seems to transpire—or trying to escape from a past that won’t let her go. She wanders around breathlessly, like a child hit in the gut with a speeding baseball, but she isn’t lost. She knows exactly where she is and where she wants to be. She remembers vividly the sweet taste of air in her lungs. She remembers the vertigo wrapped kisses, blanketed in stardust. She remembers the tiny dimple in the corner of his mouth when his lips pull up in a crooked smile. She remembers. Everything. Most stories of true love are destined to foreverhood. Unfortunately, not all relationships can go the distance. Some hit a slick spot and spin into a ditch. Some plow through life’s red lights and watch everything around them crumble into a tangled wad. While others smash full speed ahead, into a brick wall, and leave themselves severely damaged and irreparable. Sean and Brianna both believe their happily ever after is fated, but don’t always end up with the outcome they’re after. Truthfully, they would have life by the balls if all of their friends would disappear …or back the fuck off. They cannot escape life, or the people in their life, so they need to push through the obstacles this time, to keep a tight grip on each other. Take a journey with Sean and Brianna as they travel down a path of forgiveness, redemption and second chances. Their storybook love is intense, passionate and funny. You won’t know whether to laugh, cry or kick them both in the ass. Its humor and heartbreak with one simple promise—life does go on, regardless.