Revelation: A love story
Title : Revelation: A love story
ISBN : 1530041376
Author : Denise Greenfield

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When Gunnery Sergeant Beau Lotte is called back to Scout Sniper School, the Marine Corps' most lethal sharpshooter is stunned to find what awaits him. The man legendary for his steely composure is more than surprised to learn that Gin Greene is destined to become the Corps' first female sniper, and it is up to him to prepare her to go into harm's way. Caught off guard and increasingly intrigued by her bold spirit and undeniable skill, he quickly finds himself unsettled by the depths of his feelings for this beautiful and fearless young woman. Determined to prove her mettle in one of the most grueling tests of stealth and endurance she has ever faced, Gin is shaken by her own fierce reaction to her formidable instructor, and wonders how long she can keep her turbulent emotions at bay. First and foremost a man of honor and duty, Beau struggles to keep their relationship professional until one fateful night changes everything, and leaves them both torn between duty and intense desire. Just when Beau finally accepts that he can't live without her, his world is shattered and he fears she may be lost to him forever. Filled with tension, romance and erotic passion, Revelation is their story . . .