Law's Axis
Title : Law's Axis
ISBN : 152272561X
Author : G A Douglass

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For Kassad Mir, captain of the independent vessel Sabha, it was supposed to be a simple courier run. Deliver the data recovered from the Law's End expedition to a research center where it could be utilized to advance scientific understanding. For Ursula and Hank Greene, the couple made famous by the Law's End rescue, it was supposed to be the start of a long overdue vacation. After separation for over a year by distance and events it would be their chance to start fresh. For Canis, former customs service dog, it would be another chance for excitement and adventure. Complicating the straightforward task are those who want the Law's End data for themselves, a sadistic Lawship captain pursuing a vendetta, and those who fear what the data represents and want it destroyed. Because knowledge changes everything.