Rocks & Gravel (Peri Jean Mace) (Volume 3)
Title : Rocks & Gravel (Peri Jean Mace) (Volume 3)
ISBN : 1523676086
Author : Catie Rhodes

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Peri Jean Mace knows ghosts create chaos in her life. She also knows the Mace Treasure spawns blood, death, and sorrow. They’re both trouble, and she wants nothing to do with either one. When a ghost steals secrets about the cursed fortune, Peri Jean is dragged kicking and screaming into the dangerous world of the treasure and the people who hunt it. Now she’s stuck between a vengeful ghost and treasure hunters willing to do anything—even murder—to get rich quick. A storm of curses, old betrayals, and murder are about to rain down on Peri Jean. Can she accept the truth about herself and save all she loves before it’s too late?