Dealing with Blue
Title : Dealing with Blue
ISBN : 692608818
Author : Stacia Leigh

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**FINALIST 2015 PNWA Literary Contest for Young Adults** Suzy Blue, a.k.a The Professor, needs to get out of town, fast! Living with her hoarding mom in a packed single-wide trailer is wreaking havoc on Suzy’s happiness and sanity. So, making a deal with J.J. Radborne, Mr. Cool, couldn’t be easier. All she has to do is pretend to be his girlfriend, and he’ll teach her to drive. It’s a win-win: he’s cute, has a truck, and knows a lot about bonfires and fun, not to mention, once she gets her driver's license, it's splitsville. But when the line between real and fake turns blurry, Suzy gets nervous. He’s trying to get close, but what if he finds out about her mom? Or worse…what if he asks her to stay? Dealing with Blue is set in a fictional small town in the mountains of western Washington. It's about a strong girl, a bad boy, forgiveness and trust, and finding "real" love.