Minecraft: No Escape!
Title : Minecraft: No Escape!
ISBN : 1523424060
Author : Ender King

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Minecraft Maze Book 3: No Escape! To Avoid Spoilers, please read this… Book 1: The Cube Maze Book 2: The Ender Cult Steve and Scott were exhausted but they had to keep moving, they couldn't turn back. Steve refused to take the risk, the Endermen might have failed in eradicating the cult. They’re just trying to find the way home when a series of horrific illusions from the past comes gunning for them. But is the killer really after Steve or the secrets of maze tech? And just how far will Steve go to save his friend, Scott and his family? Minecraft: No Escape! spins a thrilling tale of desperation, survival, secrets and microscopic adventure. It features over 20+full-color insert with photos from our Minecraft Cube Maze Mini-game and an exclusive fan membership signup when you download this book.