Twelve Tribes of Israel PowerPoint
Title : Twelve Tribes of Israel PowerPoint
ISBN : 1628623519
Author : Rose Publishing

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Easily get a fantastic overview of the Twelve Tribes of Israel with this ready-to-use PowerPoint® Presentation. Almost every person in the Bible belonged to one of the 12 Tribes of Israel based on their ancestry: from Moses who was a Levite to the Apostle Paul who was Benjaminite. Each tribe had its own history, land, and heritage. Now you can easily teach the "backstory" of each tribe and give key information! This ready-to-use Powerpoint presentation cut hours off of your preparation time. Use this to enhance Old Testament and New Testament lessons alike!Great for adult Bible study and small groups! Enjoy having these key features at your fingertips: A quick overview of each tribe's meaning, size, history, location and more! Great pictures including each of the symbols from the tribes (such as a lion from the Tribe of Judah) Includes additional visual aids including the family tree of Jacob, a detailed diagram showing where each of the 12 Tribes encamped around the Tabernacle and time lines! Contains printable PDF files of teacher's notes and handouts showing each frame, so students can easily follow lectures and take notes Teaching has never been easier. Included in the PowerPoint® CD you will find Handy notes for teaching and your students Application questions for discussion, study, and reflection A helpful quiz to strengthen understanding Use for Individual study Discipleship Small Group or Sunday School class Christian School Homeschoolers New Believers' class Church library