Edge of Infinity
Title : Edge of Infinity
ISBN : 149178668X
Author : Larry Don Garcia

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A century after nations of earth united to end radical Islam, global society is finally at peace. Fossil fuels have become obsolete, ending the disparity between rich and poor in oil-rich nations. Both Eastern and Western faiths have lost their appeal with the masses, and only a few carry on the traditional rituals of religion. Life is good for Jefferson Alvarez who prefers the name Stone. A Geologist by trade he could never imagine where his path in life will lead. Meanwhile, Samantha Williams and Argo Trillian will prove to be key players in reestablishing the lost faith and beginning the world's journey to enlightenment. In the year 2115, events are set in motion that lead to the truth about humanity and answer questions we have long pondered. How can we propel matter at light speed? Could the sighting of ghostly apparitions mean that a parallel dimension exists? Could this dimension be key in making travel in the solar system and beyond practical? Is time travel commonplace among advanced civilizations? Does a god exist, and if so, was Jesus of another kingdom as he claimed? Are we alone in the universe? This science fiction novel explores a future in which truths are revealed that will change the course of humanity's destiny forever.